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What is SOCOA

Registered charity No. 1040548

SOCOA Inland Revenue number is XR12472 and is exempted OISC organisation No. N200300044 with Full Quality Mark from Community Legal Service.

It has a track record of supporting refugees and asylum seekers whose English is not their  First Language.



Structure and responsibility:  Overall responsibility for the direction of  SOCOA and the supervision of projects rests with the Management Committee.   However, on a day to day basis, the Volunteer Coordinator and volunteers manage the project, including the Social Worker. The Volunteer Coordinator is directly answerable to the Chair of the Management Committee. Formal supervision and appraisal systems have been established, and regular reports are submitted to the Management Committee.

Management Committee:  This currently consists of eight  volunteer officers: Executive Members: Mr Theophil Lassey, (Chairman), Mr Corneille Mayoka Vita (Secretary), Mrs Agnes Onayemi (Treasurer).

Committee members: Mr John Camilleri, Dr Ekei Etim, Mr Joe Gaspassi, Mrs Nancy Kiuru, Fr Emile Nkumu.

All have long experience and commitment in the wider voluntary sector.   The skills they bring collectively to SOCOA are:  Social work, Counselling, Housing, Law, Community Development, Organisational and project management, Personnel management, Accountancy/finance, Fundraising.